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The SWEA separator removes solid parts from liquid by means of two augers, with opposite direction of rotation, which is mounted in a stainless screen housing. The augers can be displaced in the longitudinal direction, whereby you can change the dry matter percentage in the dry matter.
Drying rates from 25-45% can be achieved.

     Phosphorus in the liquid part is after separation
     Reduced by 25-40% !!

The separator is equipped with a brush system, that pulls the liquid up a stainless steel screen. This separation is the reason for the high capacity of 8-40 m3 / h, depending on the pumped fluid.

The SWEA separator is manufactured in several variants and is used today for :
          - slurry
          - slaughterhouse waste
          - biogas plant
          - food cans
          - Beer and soda cans
          - juices and plastic bottles
          - oil filters
          - feathers

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